Luuk Kuipers (1992)
Living and working in Rotterdam & The Hague, The Netherlands

Within my work I try to trust things that are not so clear (anymore) or somehow got lost. Im curious if a work of art can be highly specific and at the same time represents a stage where it’s not necessarily finished or clearly activated. I am looking for endless stages of openness in which everything can take place. What does it mean if a work doesn’t even has to be finished, if its already communicating through the first act within one of the first stages of a not finished proces? With this mentality I'm not only trying to question if something is finished or not but also I'm trying to explore abstract directions.

Stages that are not necessary finished are able to represent new directions, these directions should not be disturbed. Taking distance from these new directions seems to become the biggest form of involvement and becoming objective becomes part of the proces. Besides the early stage where the first intentions seems to show themselves, my self-proclaimed open, natural and automatic working process turn works into directions that go further than the intentions of the maker. The process of painting with her different stages and the first acts show flexibel directions. This process becomes a self-sufficient method for working towards the essence; to bring paintings to a stage where they go further than the considerable elements of the work like composition, light/dark, depiction, surface/texture etc. This is when painting becomes interesting; the shifts of focus and how different processes interfere with each other. I want to show what only can be experienced through painting.

The flexible mentality that finds its origin in the production and the site of production is something that I don’t like to lose by the distribution towards a presentation. The work seems closest to its own reality at the place of production. The experience of pleasant conflicts by moving the works could be questioning the flexibility or potency of the image itself. I'm not trying to move my studio towards a presentation but i do move the circumstances and it’s mentality, my self organised structures and/or systems. I create circumstances that helps me to find directions towards beautiful processes.

2014 - 2018 Fine Arts (BA), Royal Academy of Art (KABK) - The Hague
2009 - 2014 Art & Design, Grafisch Lyceum - Rotterdam
2008 - 2009 Media en Vormgeving, X11 - Utrecht

May 2019, Getting My Friends Drunk, Post Galerija - Kaunas, Lithuania

Selected group shows
2018 KOMASK Masters Painting 2018, Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Antwerp
2018 Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) - The Hague
2017 Nokia’s tag line, Mooof - The Hague
2017 Caramelo - "it's in the fucking ocean", The Grey Space In The Middle - The Hague
2017 Masterclass Presentation (by Barbara A. Seiler and Marcel van Eeden), KABK - The Hague
2015 No More Ink, TENT - Rotterdam
2014 Seven Days of Happening, Showroom MAMA - Rotterdam
2012 THE FULL 10%, Museum Gouda - Gouda
2010 Mens in Het Wild, firma van drie - Gouda

BK-informatie - veertigste jaargang - nummer 4 - 15 juni 2018

Awards / nominations
2018 Nomination - Buning Brongers Prize 2018
2018 Nomination - Kunst aan de Dijk Prijs voor Jong Talent in de Schilderkunst